vendredi 22 avril 2011

Les libyennes se préparent à recevoir les soldats US et OTAN

Cette guerre est dégueulasse....

Libya Women learn to use Weapons to defend Nation against US Marines, NATO Scum and Greasy Rat Benghazi Terror Gangs. There are over 2500 US Marine Scum floating off of Libya right now who have been sent by Obama from Camp Lejune and who are preparing to invade and to try to occupy Libya. In Vietnam these arrogant blowhard Marines got their asses handed to them by a bunch of women guerilla fighters in black pajamas. Let's hope that the Libyan people will beat the Marines in a War of attrition and through asymetrical warfare. In Vietnam the Marines had to flee for their lives on Helicopters out of Saigon as Vietcong and NLF Liberation Fighters liberated that Nation and gave the Marines a spanking.
In Vietnam also many US Soldiers knew that they were the "bad guys" and that the US was an Imperialist power and these soldiers refused to fight and would often frag their officers, (shooting them in the back of their heads).
As many US Marines are African Americans it is possible that a number of them will realize the Racist and Colonialist nature of the US War of Agression against Libya. Libya is the richest African Nation and Gaddafi has always been a friend of the many struggling and oppressed nations and peoples of Black Africa. Gaddafi was the first world leader to support the South African Liberation Movement in South Africa and was and still is, a close friend of Nelson Mandela, the leader of the anti-apartheid movement. Gaddafi has given Billions of Dollars to the Black Nations of Africa and has supported them in their fight for National Self-Determination and Independence and has called for the creation of a United States of Africa.!! And, To paraphrase the Boxer Muhammed Ali, "no Gaddafi ever called me a Nigger" - so if I was an African American Marine I would refuse to participate in any hostile military action against Libya, especially as the 500,000 Black Libyans in South Libya are overwhelmingly supportive of Gaddafi and as it is the Libya Rebels who are lynching and beheading any Black they see and as these Rebels are super-racist and calling all Black Libyans "mercenaries" and dismissing their Libyan citizenship because they are not white. (for proof "google" libya rebels & racist attacks for proof). It is important to note that the last time the ancestors of these African American Marines were on African soil they were being dragged off on slave ships bound for America to serve the White Power Structure. Now that same White Slavemaster is sending the descendents of those same Slaves back to Africa to try to conquer and enslave the richest African Nation, Libya, so the White people can loot their Oil reserves.

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  1. De la chaire à canon. Ce sont de simples

    campagnardes qui vont se faire exploser la

    cervelle par les "gentils" ricains et frenchies.

    Merci au prix nobel de la paix obama et merci à

    sarkozy de nagy bosca, les deux sauveurs de


  2. Cette guerre est dégueulasse ? Mais toutes les guerres le sont. Mais le plus dégueulasse de tous... C'est sans doute notre cher NS


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