dimanche 7 novembre 2010

BankUS Interruptus

What we think we know about November 2010 and the tipping point forecast for the 8th through the 11th can be summed up easily. So what follow is a brief view of some of the "pickets" in the tipping point fences.

A species significant event relating to the [coagulation] of the abstraction of [paper debt (of all kinds)] will emerge in November causing a planetary currency crisis to play out over these next few months. This will change the planetary perception of how the world operates. This change will be more significant than all of the elitists' false flags, and bogus wars or rigged elections of the last sixty years combined. ALL of the tipping point linguistic set accruing after November 8th contain some sub set revolving around the [dollar coagulation] or [currency destruction (confidence or lack thereof)].
Do not be fooled. The [currency destruction] wave will wash your old life again. Be prepared to be a currrency castaway.

Webbot Report Issue 8


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