mardi 14 mai 2013

Reunion improvisée du G7

le weekend dernier

Emergenvy G-7 Meeting: Elite Ready To Pull The Trigger?
The G-7 are meeting this weekend outside of London.  This was unscheduled and can only be considered as an emergency meeting.
I have maintained all along that a “bank holiday” would ultimately occur which sets positions in cement while a revaluation of assets and currencies takes place.
My guess is that the end game is in fact being discussed.  How best to shut the current system down, reboot another one AND retain as much power as possible.  I truly believe that preparations are being discussed here and now “how best” (for them) to close out this current chapter of world finance.  All of this has been discussed and planned years ahead of time, these are not fools.  The current discussion is merely about pulling the trigger. [...] Silverdoctors

Pure spéculation mais comme vous le savez, nous entrons dans une période dangereuse ...

Notes From Underground: Why Are The G-7 Finance Ministers Meeting In England This Weekend?

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