lundi 19 septembre 2011

US pressures Britain on Palestine vote

Le vote se fera (ou pas) le vendredi 23 septembre.... est ce bon signe?

BRITAIN is coming under growing US pressure to oppose a Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations on Friday.

With a major confrontation looming as the UN General Assembly convenes in New York, Britain has found itself torn between its natural allegiance to the United States and the inclination of some of its European allies to recognise Palestinian advances towards a viable state.

Although the US has threatened to wield its Security Council veto to prevent the Palestinians gaining full UN membership, Britain has yet to make an explicit declaration of its voting intentions [...]

Sydney Morning Herald

Probablement un lien avec le rappel des reservistes israeliens...
Reservists Called Up, Instructions Unclear
IDF calls up reservist soldiers in preparation for mayhem after PA UN move. "Open fire only if your life is danger," they are told [...] Arutz Sheva

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