jeudi 3 février 2011

Chouette, la fin du monde ;-)

Qu'est ce qu'on va rigoler en 2013...(ou pas).
Pas faite pour avoir peur, l'info, mais pour se préparer ... envelopper sa brosse à dents electrique dans du papier d'alu par exemple (oui je plaisante).

NASA Issues 2012 Warning and Possible End of The World 2 Years Ago

MORE EVIDENCE OF PHOTON BELT: Astrophysicist Alexia Demetriev says our solar system is entering an interstellar energy cloud

In light of recent news, the following information is paramount. On July 14, 2010 we learned that our sun is passing through an interstellar energy cloud which excites/energizes the sun. NASA, along with The National Academy of Science and other world renowned scientist are so concerned about this up and coming solar maximum in late 2012, that way back in March 10, 2006 NASA issued a solar storm warning (in writing) for 2012. What NASA omitted in their 2006 solar storm warning is what prompted NASA in the first place to issue a 2012 solar storm warning four years in advance? Then in 2010, NASA again warns the general population of a pending solar storm, telling the population to get ready for a once in a lifetime solar storm. Despite that news agencies and websites like this one are beginning to cover this developing story, no high government official has yet to stick his or her neck out to make an official announcement about the catastrophic implications as to allow the global population to begin preparing. [...]

NASA warns public to prepare for a, "once in a lifetime super solar storm event." This event can start at anytime with little to no warning. NASA's Heliophysics Division said: "We know it's coming but we don't know how bad it's going to be." Are you ready and know what to expect, let alone how to prepare? Do you know how to make a special safe room to protect you and family from prolong electromagnetic radiation which can be deadly? Do you understand that most anything electronic will no longer work? This effects computers, phones, satellites, hospitals, even the electronic ignition system for cars and trucks. Do you know what steps to take to protect your car from permanently breaking down from a powerful super solar storm? Did you know that a super solar storm would knock out most power world wide for months and take years to repair it all, costing trillions in damages world wide? # Are you prepared with at least twelve to twenty four months of previsions for food, water, medicine and heating? Are you aware that a killer super solar storm would lock down modern countries like the United States, Europe, Asia, and Canada for months? Are you aware of that countries like the U.S. have an Anti Hoarding Act that effects you during a national crises? (Learn how not to have your food purchases tracked) Are you ready to fend for yourself as food stores most likely will not be in operation for months because of looters, gangs and no power, and especially a lack of food supplies?
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  1. ça va te faire plaisir...

  2. ou ki sont passés les mahaunautes ?

    En attendant une série d'article pour se remonter le moral. Il ne sert à rien de nourrir le pessimisme ambiant.

  3. Hmmmm les Cassiopéens parlent de 2014 !

  4. merci barge, vla un bisou que t'as meme pas demandé, tiens *smack* Tout le monde est là, mais les anonymes ferment leurs gueules. agréable non?

    @dwarf ca ne m'étonnerait pas, plus tard meme. ceci dit, les cassiopeens ne sont pas forts pour les dates (moi non plus)

  5. hello.
    je me permets de vous donner un lien sur un phénomène très intéressant pour 2012..

  6. un bisou, rien que pour moi ?

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

  7. pour le 2emem soleil voir

  8. Ok.
    Merci et bonne fin de journée

  9. Z'avez vu l'érection sur les 3 graphiques a gauche??

    OOhh putain que ca fait du bien....

    Sorry pour le vocabulaire MDRRRR

  10. Pour ceux qui pensaient que la révolte dans le monde arabe sont spontanées...

    où il explique que la cia a son webbot.

  11. merci pour le lien, barge...
    @bandit: on n'a pas fini d'en voir des belles comme ca ...


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