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La Russie la Chine et l'Iran se préparent ils contre une attaque des USA et de l'OTAN?

FARS News Agency
Iran, Russia, China mulling joint missile shield
TEHRAN (FNA)- Unofficial sources have announced that Iran, Russia, and China are currently holding talks on a proposal to establish a joint missile defense shield as a counterweight to a NATO defense shield, a report said.

According to Tehran Times, the report, which was published in the Iranian daily newspaper Kayhan on Sunday, said that the sources cited two reasons why serious consultations have been held on the initiative.
First, all three states have come to the conclusion that US officials' assertion that their concern over the alleged missile and nuclear capabilities of Iran and North Korea is the reason for the decision to establish a NATO missile defense shield is just a pretext and the true objective of the shield is to threaten Russia and China.
In addition, now that the proposal to establish an early warning radar system in southeast Turkey, which is one component of the NATO missile defense shield, appears to be a done deal, the US is now planning to establish other components of the new system in South Korea and Taiwan, which clearly shows that Washington is using the alleged threat from Iran and North Korea as a pretext to target China and Russia, the report added. Experts believe China, which has not taken any action on the issue so far, is beginning to understand the level of danger posed by the new system.

Russia's analysis of the situation is similar to Iran's view, which was expressed during Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev's recent visit to Tehran, the report said. Therefore, it seems the three countries have realized that the time has come to seriously start discussions on the plan.
Some sources say Dmitry Rogozin, the Russian envoy to NATO, who is scheduled to travel to Iran before the end of September, will probably hold operational discussions on the plan with Iranian officials.

According to RIA Novosti, Rogozin is going to discuss "strategic issues" in Tehran. Military experts are of the opinion that since Iran, Russia, and China have made great progress in designing anti-aircraft defense systems, the construction of such a missile shield system will not be a difficult task for them.

Pendant qu'on y est:
Paul Craig Robert craint que l'intervention militaire des USA au Pakistan va provoquer la 3eme et derniere guerre mondiale

America’s “worst enemy”
The Latest Orchestrated Threat and The End of History
By Paul Craig Roberts
September 27, 2011 "Information Clearing House" -- Have you ever before heard of the Haqqanis? I didn’t think so. Like Al Qaeda, about which no one had ever heard prior to 9/11, the “Haqqani Network” has popped up in time of need to justify America’s next war-- Pakistan.

President Obama’s claim that he had Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden exterminated deflated the threat from that long-serving bogyman. A terror organization that left its leader, unarmed and undefended, a sitting duck for assassination no longer seemed formidable. Time for a new, more threatening, bogyman, the pursuit of which will keep the “war on terror” going.

Now America’s “worst enemy” is the Haqqanis. Moreover, unlike Al Qaeda, which was never tied to a country, the Haqqani Network, according to Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a “veritable arm” of the Pakistani government’s intelligence service, ISI. Washington claims that the ISI ordered its Haggani Network to attack the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, on September 13 along with the US military base in Wadak province.
Senator Lindsey Graham, a member of the Armed Services committee and one of the main Republican warmongers, declared that “all options are on the table” and gave the Pentagon his assurance that in Congress there was broad bipartisan support for a US military attack on Pakistan.
As Washington has been killing large numbers of Pakistani civilians with drones and has forced the Pakistani army to hunt for Al Qaeda throughout most of Pakistan, producing tens of thousands or more of dislocated Pakistanis in the process, Sen. Graham must have something larger in mind.
The Pakistani government thinks so, too. The Pakistani prime minister,Yousuf Raza Gilani, called his foreign minister home from talks in Washington and ordered an emergency meeting of the government to assess the prospect of an American invasion.
Meanwhile, Washington is rounding up additional reasons to add to the new threat from the Haqqanis to justify making war on Pakistan: Pakistan has nuclear weapons and is unstable and the nukes could fall into the wrong hands; the US can’t win in Afghanistan until it has eliminated sanctuaries in Pakistan; blah-blah.
Washington has been trying to bully Pakistan into launching a military operation against its own people in North Waziristan. Pakistan has good reasons for resisting this demand. Washington’s use of the new “Haqqani threat” as an invasion excuse could be Washington’s way of overcoming Pakistan’s resistance to attacking its North Waziristan provence, or it could be, as some Pakistani political leaders say, and the Pakistani government fears, a “drama” created by Washington to justify a military assault on yet another Muslim country. Over the years of its servitude as an American puppet, the Pakistan government has brought this on itself. Pakistanis let the US purchase the Pakistan government, train and equip its military, and establish CIA interface with Pakistani intelligence. A government so dependent on Washington could say little when Washington began violating its sovereignty, sending in drones and special forces teams to kill alleged Al Qaeda, but usually women, children, and farmers. Unable to subdue after a decade a small number of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, Washington has placed the blame for its military failure on Pakistan, just as Washington blamed the long drawn-out war on the Iraqi people on Iran’s alleged support for the Iraqi resistance to American occupation.

Some knowledgeable analysts’ about whom you will never hear in the “mainstream media,” say that the US military/security complex and their neoconservative whores are orchestrating World War III before Russia and China can get prepared. As a result of the communist oppression, a signifiant percentage of the Russian population is in the American orbit. These Russians trust Washington more than they trust Putin. The Chinese are too occupied dealing with the perils of rapid economic growth to prepare for war and are far behind the threat.

War, however, is the lifeblood of the profits of the military/security complex, and war is the chosen method of the neoconservatives for achieving their goal of American hegemony. Pakistan borders China and former constituent parts of the Soviet Union in which the US now has military bases on Russia’s borders. US war upon and occupation of Pakistan is likely to awaken the somnolent Russians and Chinese. As both possess nuclear ICBMs, the outcome of the military/security complex’s greed for profits and the neoconservatives’ greed for empire could be the extinction of life on earth.
The patriots and super-patriots who fall in with the agendas of the military-security complex and the flag-waving neoconservatives are furthering the “end-times” outcome so fervently desired by the rapture evangelicals, who will waft up to heaven while the rest of us die on earth.
This is not President Reagan’s hoped for outcome from ending the cold war.

Dr. Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and Associate
Editor of the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. je penche pour : l'Iran, la Chine, la Russie se préparent à attaquer les USA.
    afin que la guerre comme les "actifs toxiques" soit GLOBALE (prononcer "GLOBÔL).

    et ça va rapporter gros aux...USA !

    (voilà, c'était ma participation follement gaie et drôle du jour)

    wendy(noir c'est noir)

  2. vas y lache toi, c'est le jour.... ce que je me dis, en voyant qu'ils n'en sont ancore qu'aux préparatifs, c'est qu'ils vont nous laisser crever à petit feu longtemps longtemps avant de faire péter la planète ... que les mayas aillent se faire foutre avec leur calendrier de chiottes

  3. Depuis 3 ans, j'ai trois mayas qui se sont installés dans l'appartement à coté de chez moi.
    1 frère et 2 soeurs.
    Vous croyez que c'est un signe ?

    Vont-ils me sacrifier pour calmer le soleil ?

    Personnellement je ne crois pas à une guerre frontale USA - Chine.
    Par contre une guerre froide via des pays alliés, oui.

  4. demande leur ce qu'ils feront, quand leur calendrier de merde sera arrivé à sa fin... si ils en prendront un de la Poste, comme tout le monde...


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