lundi 30 août 2010

Dévaluation du dollar (50%) prévue?

Subject: From Jim Willie

A highly reliable sage source from the gold banking world and international consulting is loaded with deep insight, vast experience, solid connections, ongoing relationships, privileged insider information, and diverse industries tied to banking. He tipped the Jackass off in early August 2008 as to the weekend of September 15th being one to mark in history as three great failures would occur. He gave one month advanced notice of a locus of failure in three places, with great urgency. My guesses of Lehman Brothers and Fannie Mae were correct, but a blank came on the third which turned out to be AIG. He has frequently shared a viewpoint on the inevitable USTreasury default in the coming years. He first enlightened me as to the USFed resignation pathway to default, after it was loaded to the gills in toxic irredeemable impaired assets that no banks wanted. As buyers of last resort, the USFed would choke to death. Rather than a citation of path to default, he shared a great risk of a major event. He said, "The USGovt will devaluate the US$ by 50% overnight in the not too distant future. They need 11 days to do this. If they push it, they can do it in 6 days. So look for a long holiday weekend as an opportunity. The best time to do this is the Christmas / New Year time window. They tried to do it in 2005/2006, but the Chinese put a gun to their heads in Washington and they backed down. You can slice and dice it as you like, but the USDollar is dead and so is the Euro. The systemic change will be a cataclysmic and traumatic event for the West, since all it stands for will go into the toilet in a blink of an eye. The period immediately following the collapse will be filled with violence and total breakdown of law & order. Keep an eye on Greece. It is the guinea pig and incubator for what is coming to Western societies." He went on to mention some positive regenerative power left in the US people to reclaim their country and to restore its legal framework. Soberly, he warned it will be ugly, but loaded with great opportunity. So he sees a sudden massive USDollar devaluation with grand shock waves from vengeful reaction. Source


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  1. Le Liban en ligne de mire (avant la Corée du nord, le Vénézuéla, l'Iran ?)

  2. ils peuvent toujours devalue mon compte de 50%, ca fera toujours que dalle a la fin!...

  3. cest en novembre que ca va peter (militairement parlant)


  4. au Liban zon trouvé du gaz : "péter" ça peut le faire!


  5. ça y est la débacle arrive, la preuve ce titre du journal les échos :

    si les echos s'y mettent c'est que ça commence à sentir le roussi. A noter aussi que ce genre de titre tend à provoquer le risque dénoncé, en précipitant le retrait des bourses et donc leur chute.

    Les investisseurs désertent les Bourses mondiales

    les investisseurs -et notamment les particuliers -ont du mal à prendre position. Les craintes de rechute économique, voire de déflation aux Etats-Unis, pèsent sur le moral des opérateurs. Depuis le début de l'année, les fonds actions ont enregistré des sorties nettes de quelque 36 milliards de dollars, d'après l'organisme EPFR. Les fonds américains ont été les plus affectés, les marchés émergents affichant au contraire des flux positifs.


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